DEADLINE: November 1, 2012

The United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF) announces an open competition for the support of projects through the Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative (OSI). Announced by the U.S. and Indian governments, OSI aims to strengthen collaboration and build partnerships between American and Indian institutions of higher education. 

To encourage mutual understanding, facilitate educational reform, foster economic development, and engage civil society, the OSI enables U.S. colleges and universities and Indian counterpart institutions to pursue objectives cooperatively through exchange visits of faculty, administrators, post graduate Indian students, and U.S. graduate students who can demonstrate the ability to work independently. Exchange activities may include but are not limited to curriculum design, research collaboration, team teaching, focused series of exchanges, seminars, among other activities.  Activities should be designed to develop expertise, advance scholarship and teaching, and promote reliable, long-term communication between partner institutions.

Proposals in the following fields are eligible: Energy; Sustainable Development; Climate Change; Environmental Studies; Education and Educational Reform; Public Health; and Community Development and Innovation.

09/05/2012 8:32pm

This is an interesting find. Given the problems India has had with their grid there could be a lot of interest on their end. I am also unaware of any form of solar fuels initiative in India. Have you heard of any or know someone there? I wonder if it would be possible to bring an Indian group into SOFI through the funding in this proposal?

09/05/2012 11:23pm

We, meaning SOFI, have been bouncing the idea of engaging an Indian partner/collaborator for some time now, though I don't personally know of any one or any group specifically. This could be an interesting means to get some funding to start something for SOFI on that continent. Of course, there's Tata that has funded Sun Catalytix.

09/07/2012 1:29pm

I'll poke around and see what programs may currently exist in India.

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